Dr. McCullum is the founder and senior pastor of Kingdom Builders International Worship & Training Center; a cutting edge ministry with a mandate of worshiping God, building people and transforming the world.

Serving in ministry for 25 years, Pastor McCullum holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity through St. Thomas Christian College.  Submitted under the covering of Apostle, Dr. John Tetsola, and commissioned with an apostolic mandate to the nations; Apostle McCullum travels internationally preaching and teaching the non-compromising truth of the word of God with cutting edge revelation. Glenda’s greatest desire is to release the captive into their appointed kingdom assignments; to see individuals living to their fullest potential and walking in the full manifestation of the thing God had on His mind when He created them.

Dr. McCullum carries a strong prophetic sound of worship that emanates from the throne room releasing fresh sounds from heaven.  Her culturally diverse style of worship brings individuals into a tangible worship experience. As she ministers songs of deliverance, the captives are set free and yokes of bondage are destroyed. Music recordings such as, I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy, House of Prayer, Secret Place Encounters, and others are products of the mandate to release and cover the earth with prayer, praise and worship.
As stated in Acts 2:17, “Your sons and daughters shall prophesy”.   Canceling all impediments of gender, Glenda is truly a woman of God, raised up in this last hour, and set apart for such a time as this, to draw the lost and down trodden; and transform spiritual climates from religion to unadulterated worship; in spirit and in truth.

Called, Anointed & Appointed

Glenda McCullum is a life-long resident of Joliet, Illinois, a suburb about 40 miles south of Chicago.   She is the mother of three birth children, six grandchildren, one great grandchild, and many more in the Body of Christ.